Radu cv (English)

Radu Zaplitnii

Born on March 2, 1971 at Chisinau (Moldova) 
Living in Venice area, Italy as resident

email: radu@zaplitnii.com

Formal Education

1978-1985 Attended the School of French of Chisinau (Moldova)
Attended the School of Music (accordion) of Chisinau (Moldova)

1988 Diploma in Accordion at the School of Music “E. Coca” of Chisinau (Moldova)
Diploma in Folk Dance at the Academy of Art of Chisinau (Moldova)

1990-1995 Attended music courses and specialized courses on Music Pedagogy, Choir Direction, Harmony and Composition at the Academy of Music “G. Dima” of Cluj Napoca (Romania)

1995 Diploma in Choir Direction at the Academy of Music “G. Dima” of Cluj Napoca (Romania)
Diploma in Music Pedagogy at the Academy of Music “G. Dima” of Cluj Napoca (Romania)

Professional experiences

1989 Assistant coreographer of Folk Dance at the “Liceu de Arta” of Chisinau (Moldova)

1991 July: Accordionist at the Folk Festival in the Losanna area (Switzerland)

1993-1996 Accordionist at the Florian Caffe in St. Marco square, Venice (Italy)

1990-1996 Recording and production of CDs of Romanian Folk Music with singers Mariana Deac, Aurel Tamas e Aurel Ciceuan.

1993 August: Dancer at the Folk Dance and Folk Music Festival of Guegnon (France)

September: Participation in the International Festival of Arts in Johannesburg (South Africa) and won the gold medal in the choreography and the bronze medal for the accordion section. CLICK VIDEO

1994 August-September: Accordionist with the “Caffe Concerto” quintet at the “Italia in miniatura Park” of Rimini (Italy)

1995 October: Concert tour with the “Caffe concerto” sextet at the Municipal Theatres of Fermo and Foggia (Italy)

since 1997 Member of the “Venezia in Musica” Co-operative.

1999 September: Recording and production of the Venetian music CD “Una gondola va” with singers from the “Venezia in Musica” Co-operative.

2000 October: Recording and production of the CD “With friends” with Standard Jazz pieces and music my Astor Piazzolla and Richard Galliano. With Michela Quintavalle (clarinet), Roberto Veronese (double bass) and Adorian Lacatos (piano).
December 5: Concert at the “Swing” Jazz Club of Ginza, Tokyo (Japan).
December: Evening entertainment at the Tokyo’s jazz clubs “All of me” (Ropponghi) and “Body & soul”. With the singer Akiko

2001 January: Evening entertainment with Italian music at the “Sabatini” restaurant of Tokyo
February 23: Solo concert at the “La mer” caffe of Yamaguchi (Japan) organized by the local Accordionists Club.
February: Concerts of French music with the singer Patrick Nugier in Tokyo and on the “Nippon Maru” cruise ship.
September: Composition of the two-act Comedie “Nocturne” for choir and orchestra. Libretto by Marie-Eve Signeyrole. Music by Fabienne Venard and Radu Zaplitnii.
Premiere at the “Gymnase Square Grety” of Maison La Fitte, Paris.

2002 September-October: Accordionist at the Quadri Caffe in St. Marco square, Venice (Italy).

2003 January: Recording of the CD of music from Venice and Naples with the tenor singer Alberto Colla.
February 21: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Dueville (Italy).
March 4: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza, Italy)
May 12: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Auditorium Canneti, Vicenza (Italy).
July: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, La subida.
August: Accordion duo with Fabio Rossato at the ‚Festa del mantice‚ Festival at Riva del Garda (Italy).
March-October: Accordionist at the Quadri Caffe in St.Marco square, Venice (Italy).

2004 March 13: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Monteversa (PD)
June 19: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Monteversa (PD)
June 26-27: 13 National Accordion Festival – First prize in the special category, with double bass player Pierantonio Antonello
August 1: R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Mestrino (PD)
August 14: Evening entertainment with folk songs, jazz and musical at Malcesine (Verona), with the soprano Ida Maria Turri and the baritone Silvio Zanon
October: Dancer for the movie “Casanova” by Lasse Hallstrom
March-October: Accordionist at the Quadri Caffe in St. Marco square, Venice (Italy).

2005 June: Accordion duo concert with Fabio Rossato, Este (PD)
June: Folk Dance Show “Dance Project” with “Effedanza” and Alessandra Pase, Salieri Theatre of Legnago CLICK VIDEO July 24 : R.Zaplitnii Quintet Concert, Este (PD)(CLICK VIDEO I) (CLICK VIDEO II) March-October: Accordionist at the Quadri Caffe in St. Marco square, Venice (Italy).

2006 July: Lacoste (France), August: Theoule (France): accordionist at the Pierre Cardin Festival with Michela Quintavalle (clarinet), Rodrigo Basilicati (piano), Adrien Frasse-Sombet (cello).
March-October: Accordionist at the Quadri Caffe in St. Marco square, Venice (Italy).

2007 January 27: Solo concert of world folk music, Localita Valdissera, Isola vicentina (Vicenza)
March 3: Paris variete with Michela Quintavalle (clarinet) at the Maxim’s restaurant of Paris.
March 6: Concert “Emotions” with Michela Quintavalle (clarinet), Rodrigo Basilicati (piano), Adrien Frasse-Sombet (cello) at the Espace Pierre Cardin Theatre of Paris.

2008 Concert tour in northern Italy in a duo with Radu Zaplitnii, piano, cobza, mandolin, vocals, accordion. Recording the DVD world music.
2009 08.03.09 Musical evening of Moldavian music at the “Panic Jazz Club” of Marostica. R.Zaplitnii – accordion, Violeta Grecu – cobza / vocals, Massimo Tuzza – Percussion 27.09.09 Venice. R.Zaplitnii – accordion, Francesco Malerba – voce, in Gondola Serenade  with Robyn Rihanna Fenty. CLICK PHOTO
June – Cittadella (IT), Radu and Violeta in special concert by “Le Vecchie mura”. July – in the span of “Veneto Jazz” Festival, Hotel Ca Nigra (Venice) Concert with “Nina and Villa el Salvador”. Elena Carraro – vocals, David Soto Chero Beltran – guitar, Radu Zaplitnii – accordion. November – Restaurant “Giorgione” (Venice), Radu Zaplitnii present his new short film  “Lucio Bisutto”     CLICK VIDEO from the series “Hidden Artists” CLICK PLAYLIST

2011 20.12.2011 Chisinau (MD). Violeta and Radu  in the unic musical project at the Naional Philharmonic “Sergei Lunchevici” with the presentation of the new CD “Orient Express”.  Music from Moldova, Russia, Argentine Tango, French musette, jazz, cobza only  CLICK VIDEO

2012 03.03.2012 Isola Vicentina (IT). Radu and Violeta in the concert CLICK VIDEO 21.03.2012 The presentation of the new CD ” I Love Sinatra”

Spoken languages

Native speaker: Romanian and Russian, both spoken and written.
Advanced: French and Italian.
Basic: English and spoken Japanese, Spanish